Diabetes Management in a Nutshell

May 6, 2021 by Dr Amit Goel

Diabetes has been a massive problem for the global population, irrespective of which corner of the planet you hail from. People go through multiple troubles to detect whether their bodies will be susceptible to diabetes in the future.

The entire process boils down to the efficiency of the pancreas, a gland situated right near the stomach as well as the liver in our bodies. It produces the vital hormone known as insulin which helps in regulating the glucose levels in our blood.

The food that we ingest is generally absorbed right from our mouth to the small intestine. The absorbed food is turned into glucose beforehand so that the cells of our body don’t have a tough time going through the process of glycolysis or breaking down the glucose molecules to produce energy.


Insulin, on the other hand, facilitates the movement of these glucose molecules into the cells of our body. This hormone is directly released into our bloodstream by the pancreas. Thus, to make sure that our body isn’t devoid of an adequate amount of insulin, we have to protect the pancreas or just reduce the foods ingested loaded with carbohydrates.

Manage Diabetes on Your Own Will

Now, there is a multitude of techniques that essentially help people get rid of fluctuating blood sugar levels. However, the catch is that only Type II Diabetes is preventable. Every other type needs added management.


The common basics that you need to know of are:

  1. Food: Make sure you eat well-balanced food loaded with fibre and as little carbohydrates as possible. Avoid sweetened beverages as much as possible.
  2. Exercising: Consistent workout is the best way to keep diabetes away. Sedentary lifestyles are brutally troublesome.
  3. Medication: Follow your insulin levels closely. Make sure to consult your doctor if the blood sugar levels are fluctuating more than normal.
  4. Alcohol: Don’t drink Alcohol carelessly & try to keep a check on the amount and frequency that you are consuming.

These are a few of the basic points that you need to follow to keep your blood sugar levels intact.

In short words

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