Various Symptoms of Diabetes

May 6, 2021 by Dr Amit Goel

Diabetes, as an illness, has a lot to offer when it comes to shifting lifestyles as well as handling our internal systems. It is very important to note that there is no permanent cure for diabetes. The situation can be turned to not make our bodies succumb to it.

Diabetes happens when our bodies ingest food and convert it into the much-needed glucose & are unable to make the glucose reach our cells for glycolysis. This is facilitated by two major factors.

Type I Diabetes is a situation where our immune system attacks our pancreas which leads to no creation of the insulin hormone. In such cases, the people suffering from it will have to take insulin to balance their blood sugar levels for the rest of their lives.


However, in Type II Diabetes, the insulin produced by our pancreas is either not enough or simply abundant, based on our various lifestyle choices. In such cases, we can alter our habits significantly as well as take medication to keep our insulin levels and blood sugar levels normal.

Common Symptoms among Diabetic Patients:

It is not at all surprising that multiple symptoms let people know it is time for them to either alter their lifestyles or simply start consuming the required amount of insulin altogether. The most common symptoms that can be spotted among diabetic patients are as follows:

  • Frequent Urination, especially at night
  • Very Thirsty
  • Extreme Appetite Changes
  • Fatigued Body
  • Losing Weight without trying anything
  • Dry Skin
  • Frequent Infections & Recovery Times etc.

Some of the ones mentioned above are pretty self-explanatory. The excessive presence of glucose in our bloodstream makes the kidneys flush out whatever excess amount is there. This leads to frequent urination in both men & women and it could lead to urinary tract infections.


Due to the inability of the body’s cells to absorb the glucose molecules, people start feeling super tired and feel the change in their appetite rather swiftly. The need to drink water increases, putting more pressure on the kidneys.

If any of the symptoms are felt by you, it is strictly advised that you get your blood sugar levels checked for any kind of surges or plunges.

In short words

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