What is Diabetes?

May 6, 2021 by Dr Amit Goel

Our human bodies are built in one of the most complex yet fascinating ways possible. 11 major organ systems help us get through our lives with an additional set of organs that work on their own. However, diseases are imminent yet an important part of our life.

Diseases are usually caused by the irregularities caused by the processes run through these particular organs that have been mentioned above. A system for the system, our immunity, helps gather information and fight pathogens & get our bodies back in shape.

In some cases, it is not that easy to deal with since many prerequisite factors change the entire equation of any prevention or cure. Diabetes is one such illness where there is no real permanent cure to it, for now. However, people can go ahead with certain lifestyle changes and prevent them.


Diabetes can be defined as an illness where the glucose in our bloodstream is not absorbed by the cells in our bodies for a multitude of reasons. The human digestive system plays the main part in the creation of this glucose.

Diabetes & Digestive System

Our digestive system starts right from our mouth & ends at the anus. At almost every part of the chain except for the food pipe, ingested food gets absorbed. All of the absorbed food gets converted into glucose by our body.

This glucose is then sent through the bloodstream to various parts of our body. The glucose molecules are absorbed by our cells which leads to the process of oxidation, also known as glycolysis.


Glycolysis helps gather up energy which is then used by the cells in our body for our daily life functions. The absorption process is generally carried out by insulin. In some cases, the pancreas either produces less or no insulin at all or the insulin isn’t able to make our cells absorb the glucose molecules.

In such cases, the glucose levels in our bloodstream, and simultaneously, our body increases which lead to high Blood Sugar Levels. To get this in check, people have to either check their sugar intake or understand what their insulin levels are.

In short words

Dr Amit Goel has a decade of experience in the field of medicine with an experience as an Endocrinologist for over 4 years. Dr Amit’s published articles are one of the best in the world for research on prevention and early detection of diabetic neuropathy.


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